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Polygon Blockchain Development Company

We help startups and enterprises launch their dedicated Blockchain Networks, NFT Marketplaces, dApps, and Smart Contracts on Polygon, for them to unfold new possibilities across Defi, NFTs, Gaming and DAO.

Our Polygon Blockchain Development Services

Polygon Chain Development
Our polygon chain development service offers two types of chains- ‘Security as Service’ chains and Standalone chains. Our Standalone Chains are independent and highly flexible. The ‘Security as Service’ chains is the most secured as they receive direct security from Ethereum.
Polygon dApps Development
We provide you with exemplary Polygon dApp development services for your projects spanning Defi, NFTs, Gaming and DAO. We also provide migration services for dApps deployed on Ethereum or any other EVM chains.
Polygon Wallet Development
Our Polygon wallets are the gateways to experience the benefits of a new-age borderless economy. Our development services include Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps and Browser Extensions. We also provide customization like multi-coin support, cross-platform compatibility, QR scanner, etc.
Polygon Smart Contract Development
With expertise in Polygon SDKs and its programming languages-Solidity and Vyper, we build smart contracts featuring flexibility and compatibility with Ethereum. Our smart contracts offer Ethereum’s full benefits, as well as Polygon’s modularity, pluggability and extensibility.
Polygon NFT Marketplace Development
We help you build and launch Polygon NFT Marketplace, a multi-chain compatible platform pinned with scalability, security, interoperability, and adaptability. Our Polygon NFT marketplaces efficiently overcome the shortcomings of low transaction speed and high transaction costs.
Polygon Integration Services
Whether you are a meta-transaction provider or hosting blockchain full nodes or building dApps, we integrate projects to the Polygon ecosystem through our end-to-end Polygon configuration and integration services. This enables you to achieve high scalability, modularity and sovereignty in your blockchain project.

Why Choose Interakt for
Polygon development

Rich Ethereum Experience
Polygon claims that “An Ethereum developer is already a Polygon developer.” With 250+ nodes, 20+products, and 15+ assets live on Ethereum, onboarding 25k+ users, we demonstrate our Ethereum development expertise.
Strategic Partner of Polygon
We are Polygon’s strategic partner in aggregating scalable, interoperable, and secured blockchain solutions to help startups and enterprises thrive, unconstrained by artificial borders and obsolete regulations.
Wide Experience of Projects
We’ve created, constructed, and delivered more than 100+ digital solutions, as well as 30+sophisticated blockchain projects and 80+ smart contracts.

Benefits of Using Polygon for
Your Next Blockchain Project

Polygon is an Ethereum Blockchain layer 2 solution. It offers all of the advantages of the Ethereum ecosystem, including its inherent security, user experience, industry dominance, access to established tech stack, tools, and languages, while also adding interoperability, scalability, and modularity.
"Security as a service."
Polygon provides “Security as a Service,” offered directly by Ethereum or a dedicated set of validators. Instead of constructing their own validator pool, blockchain networks created as Polygon PoS chains can use this security service to gain the benefit and assurance of high-grade security.
Platforms built on Polygon protocol and framework are by design interoperable with other EVM blockchains as well as Ethereum. As a result, it provides enhanced cross-platform functionality and a good user experience without any hassle of connecting to a decentralized environment.
Robust architecture
The four composable layers of Polygon staking, message relaying, and dispute resolution are handled by the Ethereum layer. The Security layer handles validation. Transaction collation, local consensus, and block creation are managed by the Polygon networks layer, which is followed by the Execution layer.
User Experience
The programmability of Ethereum offers a great user experience. As a layer two solution for the Ethereum blockchain, Polygon inherits Ethereum’s user experience while also adding new features like “zero-gas” transactions and instant (deterministic) transaction finality.
Polygon is a full-stack blockchain scaling solution that blends the finest of the Ethereum ecosystem with the new-age advantages of sovereign blockchains. Polygon SDKs, PoS Chain, and Hermez zK-Rollup, are just a few of Polygon’s scaling solutions, with many more on the way.

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