- To a society in which valuable human activities are appreciated properly-

"A society in which valuable human activities are appreciated properly, Interakt is to create it"

  • 01 Human

    "To each innovator each person creates the future"

    People who receive appropriate evaluation show the best performance, It can be an innovator that can create the future. Block Co+'s strength is the proposal of a solution that makes full use of the company' s strengths and people 's appeal.

  • 02 Inovation

    "More powerful innovation"

    As technology evolves, various things are about to change, No matter how it changes, "important" is "person" Interakt will continue to create innovations that enable people and technology to coexist abundantly.

  • 03 Localization

    "Co-creation through connection"

    Country, region, industry type We want to build a relationship that lives pleasantly, acts, and can enrich your life to collaborate on the future regardless of everything. Interakt believes that new creativity will be born just because we value the connection.

Interakt will be the new OS of human being, supporting the long-term prosperity of mankind.

  • Vision

    Our Vision

    Build a framework of a society where people can live easily.

    Increasing interest in virtual currency in recent years is changing the flow of capital,
    and its fundamental technology, block chain technology,
    can easily distribute various things and goods
    Among them
    what we aim for is "to make value visible, enhance liquidity, build a structure of a society where people can live" Interakt will be a new OS for human beings that can update social institutions and values,
    and will support humanity's long-term prosperity.

  • Mission

    Our Mission

    • 1. We will spread the value of the human being and everything in the world to the world.
    • 2. We will build a society where people and technology coexist.
    • 3. For customers and employees, it will be the most satisfying company in the world.

Using the solid knowledge and experience, we analyze customer's problems in many ways and propose the best solution from the three aspects of consulting, development and media


Consulting Division

We analyze customer's problems in many ways, we will propose the best solution based on short-term business efficiency, long-term perspective of industry.


Development business division

Block Co+ responds to sudden changes in technology rapidly and continues to create further innovation.


Marketing Division

We will develop and provide innovative and comprehensive solutions through planning and promoting strategies for communication and promotion strategies.


Media Division

Innovation happens when intellectuals gather together. Block Co+ values ​​information sharing to the world, sharing information through information sharing with the world.

Interakt proposes a solution that can improve customer's problems from various angles.


  • - Consulting & Advisoryー
  • - Rapid Prototyping
  • - Distributed Ledger Implementation
  • - DApps Development
  • - Security & Auditing

Artificial Intelligence

  • - Machine Learning
  • - Image Processing & Video Analytics
  • - Natural Language
  • - Augmented & Virtual Reality

Data Science

  • - Customer Analytics
  • - Enterprise Operation Analytics
  • - Omni Channel Strategies
  • - Cyber Analytics
  • - Digital Transformation

Big Data

  • - Enterprise Data Warehousing
  • - Data Lakes
  • - Stream Analytics


  • - Consulting
  • - Solution Development
  • - Intelligent Platforms
  • - End to End System Integration
  • - Support & Service

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